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A Quality Management System is a set of business processes which are implemented to help an organization deliver products & services which consistently achieve customer Satisfaction.

Customer Focus :

Kimberlite product and service quality requirements are defined by its customers. Kimberlite works closely with its customers to understand their businesses and their expectations. This comes from a deep understanding of the customers business goals and regulatory commitments, and the intended use of the products and services as well as meet customer's expectations today and to anticipate and meet their future needs.


Leadership :

Kimberlite Leadership takes a visible and leading role in creating and sustaining the quality management system, through

  • Establishing policies, directions, core values performance expectations.
  • Identifying necessary product realization and support processes.
  • Creating an environment encouraging the growth and involvement of people
  • Providing necessary resources as well as infrastructure
  • Communicating quality policies, directions and values
  • Obtaining feedback on the quality management system
  • Performing risk and opportunity reviews to establish and deploy business strategies
  • Focusing on customer satisfaction, and
  • Continuous improvement

How we can help...

we offer a wide range of procedures to help you to get perfect smile