Product Realization:

Kimberlite product realization and support work processes are fully integrated and organized to provide the capability to meet the needs of Customers. Management of Change is consistently applied by employees to assure changes to our work processes, procedures, specifications have appropriate reviews and approvals. Training is conducted, documentation is updated and appropriate communications, including customer notifications, as appropriate. Kimberlite Design and Development organization has implemented processes to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of our customers. It spans the entire product development cycle, from the identification of a new business opportunity to the post commercial introduction. Kimberlite processes for manufacturing product are carried out under controlled conditions. This includes detailed descriptions of the products and process conditions, the means of testing or monitoring the product to ensure that it meets specified requirements at all stages of manufacture, and the conditions to ensure the product maintains its integrity until delivery to the customer. All Kimberlite packaged products are labelled to ensure clear, unique identification of the product. They also identify appropriate health, safety and environmental information in compliance with all regulatory, product stewardship and/or customer requirements

Engagement of People - Involvement of Employee & Team Work

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Process Approach

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Risk Management

Risk management is achieved through various risk analysis and mitigation strategies incorporated into business processes. Applicable activities include the development... Read more

Resource Management

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Relationship Management

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Continuous Improvement

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Control of External Providers

The Sourcing function has established rigorous processes around supplier quality and oversight to enable and verify this quality level for all purchased materials... Read more

Decision making & Performance Evaluation

Customer input, from a number of collection processes, is an important data source both in understanding how well we are meeting current needs... Read more