Evidence based decision making & Performance Evaluation :

Customer input, from a number of collection processes, is an important data source both in understanding how well we are meeting current needs, and in gaining insight into how we can better serve our customers in the future. Measuring performance, analysing the resulting data through statistical techniques, prioritizing and initiating improvements is a process used by Kimberlite to add value to its organization. In assessing our internal performance, organization conducts periodic audits and self-assessments to verify that processes are consistent with specified requirements and the intent of our management system. Processes for the planned monitoring and measuring of products are implemented to ensure that specified requirements are met throughout the realization process. Should products not conform to requirements, actions are taken to ensure that the non-conforming material is dealt with in an appropriate manner. Kimberlite process for corrective action is designed to ensure that issues are properly captured, appropriate investigation is conducted - focused on preventing recurrence . Kimberlite has created a culture of empowering individuals to identify opportunities for improvement, a system for capturing and evaluating the opportunities, and a means implementing solutions.

Engagement of People - Involvement of Employee & Team Work

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Process Approach

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Risk Management

Risk management is achieved through various risk analysis and mitigation strategies incorporated into business processes. Applicable activities include the development... Read more

Resource Management

Kimberlite ensures that the resources to achieve its objectives are identified and made available, in part through work processes for leading people, planning and allocating resou... Read more

Relationship Management

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Continuous Improvement

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Product Realization

Kimberlite product realization and support work processes are fully integrated and organized to provide the capability to meet the needs of Customers... Read more

Control of External Providers

The Sourcing function has established rigorous processes around supplier quality and oversight to enable and verify this quality level for all purchased materials... Read more